Breeze log

27/04-2024 – 01/06-2024

I. Breezing

It comes. It moves most days
From the south: sauntering— seeping— cooling

Bricks radiate, light filters, fabric loosens
cells relieve, one by one

The skin of the bricks,
One on top of the other

Years of sitting, until heat fractures
Human non human being

“The last time I saw Kate Moss she was not yet a poet, but already a wizened student of rhythm. Then she found words and built the structure that supports her material art practice. Today she makes sculptures out of paper. Cut out paintings out of intellectual spills. She casts shadows that leave an impermanent record, refracts light from suspended hanging shapes casting chaos out of the play between movement and stillness. The most refreshing bit is what she does with verbs. Each one floats from one position to another breezing, cooling and soothing. In this body of work Kate Moss fractions her day into colors and textures as time measures piecing an alcove of sound for herself where she can pick flowers with the memory of lost loved ones, cook meals for her daughter, works with art students and melt bronze into everlasting shapes.”

—Fabiola Carranza, San Diego, US 2024

Kate Moss är född i Mullewa i Yamatji (Wajarri) country, Australien och bor nu i Gässemåla, Småland. Hennes verk har många former som omfattar skrivande, teckning, soltryck, ljud och performance. Kates texter är på samma sätt en fundering kring plats, miljö, minne och möte.

Kates tidigare utställningar och diktuppläsningar har visats nationellt och internationellt bland annat på Konstepedimin (SE), Kunsthall Olso (NO) Vandalorum (SE), Daine Singer (AU), Alta Artspace (Malmö), Index The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation (STHLM), Berlin Community Radio (DE), Publication Studio, Vancouver, (CA), Coq Au Vin (AU), PICA, Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, Vancouver (CA)

Hennes dikter har publicerats i I work a lot with the sun (2023), SPTM! Rotterdam (NL), Wild Thoughts (2019) Daine Singer/Version Editions, Melbourne (AU) and Swedish Light and Other Poems (2015) Somewhat Urgent Series, Vancouver (CA). Kate har även skrivit för The Vendor, Onomatopee, Eindhoven (NL), Campos, Cibrián, Donostia- San Sebastián (ES), Alta Vista Updates, Malmö (SE), Royal Academy, The Hague (NL), Southerly Literary Journal (AU), Bartleby Review (CA).

Kate är medgrundare av Landing Thoughts, en ’efter akademisk’ distanskurs som verkar från Växjö. Hon har en MFA från University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Kanada, och en BFA från The Victorian College of the Arts, Naarm, Australien.

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